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Montag, 20. Februar 2017

shop promotion: StyleWe


Hello everyone,

Today I have something special for you: it is my first blogpost in English! Please don't be rude - it's my first time and my English is not that good. I think I better read in English then I speak or write (because my readings for the university is always in English, but we don't speak/write English in class). Today I want to promote two onlineshops: StyleWe and JustFashionNow. Both have incredible fashion! The clothes are totaly in trend right now and the prices are absolutly okay (like Zara here in germany). 

On StyleWe you get free shipping when you spend over 60$ - but thats easy to get :D

StyleWe also has a blog on their website, where they give important tips and tricks for everyone (yes, it is also something for you boys ;). Like StyleWe teach you how to wear cufflinks . They also talk there about DIYs and Fashion Facts about VIPs. So check that out too!

Now I just want to show you some items they have:

Absolut in trend are the StyleWe black denim overalls:

Other cool stuff:

What do you think about the clothes? I really love them!


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LianaLaurie hat gesagt…

Die Outfits sind sehr cool, gefällt mir :)

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